Aug 25, 2003  •  Post A Comment

A number of organizations have discussed California recall candidate debates, but as of last week the only one that was set was “Race to the Recall,” a two-hour forum to be put on by Cox-owned Fox affiliate KTVU-TV in San Francisco, in association with the Contra Costa Times, to take place and air Sept. 3.
Invitations have gone out to the top seven candidates: Cruz Bustamante, Peter Camejo, Arianna Huffington, Tom McClintock, Bill Simon, Peter Ueberroth and Arnold Schwarzenegger. All have accepted except Mr. Schwarzenegger, who has said that he wants to debate only if Gov. Gray Davis is included. Since Mr. Davis technically is not on the ballot as a candidate, he was not invited.
The candidates will discuss issues and answer questions from reporters, said Roland De Wolk, KTVU’s coordinating producer for the coverage. The forum will be led by KTVU Political Editor Randy Shandobil; Contra Costa Times Political Editor Daniel Borenstein; and KQED-FM Public Radio Sacramento Bureau Chief John Myers. KTVU will offer the special to other stations around the state and the country.