Sharonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Where Are You?

Aug 11, 2003  •  Post A Comment

No, that’s not Ozzy calling. It’s the media hounds barking up Sharon Osbourne’s tree, chasing rumors about her upcoming talk show. So as a public service, we have some facts to share. Rumor: She failed to show up for test shows last week because she is unhappy with the program’s direction. Reality: She was in London and contracted an ear infection and returned to work last week. Rumor: The show still has no format. Reality: The show will incorporate a topic, a celebrity interview, elements of reality and a musical guest from a set that is modeled after her home. Rumor: They can’t book top guests. Reality: No one expected they could at this point. They are getting some celebrities, but not the A-list (yet). Rumor: It will never get on the air. Reality: “I’ve worked on shows that have had harder start-ups than this one that turned out to be huge hits, and I have no doubt that Sharon will be a hit as well,” said Jim Paratore, president of Telepictures, which produces the show. Indeed, we predict it will begin airing Sept. 15 as scheduled. Production officially starts this week. And bats to anyone who disagrees.