Emmy’s Biggest Prime-Time Champs

Sep 15, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Last year “Frasier” surpassed “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” to become the series with the most Emmy wins of all time. This year “Frasier” has five chances to expand its lead, but the Academy Awards telecast is close behind and could pick up wins, too. Since the Oscars are likely to remain on TV far longer than “Frasier,” it seems likely that someday soon one showbiz award will become the biggest winner of another showbiz award.
Here are the all-time leaders, with total Emmys in parentheses:
* Frasier (30)
* The Mary Tyler Moore Show (29)
* Academy Awards (29)
* Cheers (28)
* Hill Street Blues (26)
* The Carol Burnett Show (25)
* All in the Family (22)
* ER (20)
* NYPD Blue (20)
Note: Tallies do not include early 2003 Emmy wins.