Game On For Spike TV Awards

Sep 1, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“We’re going to try to present video games in a way that’s never been seen on television before,” said Scott Fishman, producer of Spike TV’s new “Video Game Award Show.” “It’s about entertainment and about a celebration of the industry.”
The high-energy event, to be taped Dec. 2 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, is the men’s network’s attempt to establish a youthful, annual award show franchise like MTV’s music and video awards, while simultaneously challenging the perception that gamer-related programming is too geek-arcane for television.
“This award show will have no `thank-yous,’ no tears and no dedications,” said Albie Hecht, president of Spike TV.
The Video Game Awards, or VGA, will feature humorous sketches using repurposed footage from games, performances by music acts and appearances by stars who have acted in popular video game titles. Gaming content provider g-NET will serve as consulting producers.
Mr. Fishman said gaming industry leaders are supportive of the VGA, but require reassurances that the show would not play up the controversial, violent aspects of the games.
“The industry is in a battle because [the public] doesn’t necessarily see the genius and creativity of the games,” Mr. Fishman said. “They wanted us to make sure we’re not focusing on one small element.”
At the same time, the awards show also will reflect the fledgling Spike TV brand and cater to a male viewership.
“Everything we do at Spike goes through the filters of what our audience will like,” Mr. Fishman said. “And if you want to look at that and ask, `Are there going to be some level of sports, and scantily clad women that men want to look at?’ Yes. We want our guys to watch and give them what they want.”
The awards show will air Dec. 4 and run 90 minutes, though Spike TV’s entire event slate-including pre-awards coverage-could run as long as 21/2 hours.