Sue Johanson

Sep 29, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Show: Oxygen’s “Sunday Night Sex Show”
Date of birth: Her birthday is July 29. Ms. Johanson declines to reveal her age.
Place of Birth: Toronto
Length of time in current gig: 11 months
Breakout moment: The U.S. version of Ms. Johanson’s show debuted in November 2002 and immediately became the Oxygen network’s highest rated original program, according to Oxygen. Ms. Johanson drew even more viewers with appearances on Conan O’Brien and David Letterman earlier this year.
Previous credits: No other performing roles, but Ms. Johanson is the author of three books: “Talk Sex,” “Sex Is Perfectly Natural but not Naturally Perfect” and “Sex, Sex and More Sex.”
Who Knew? Ms. Johanson inherited millions from her Aunt Gladys years before founding a birth control clinic and getting involved in sex education. Ms. Johanson maintains a decades-old sourdough starter in her refrigerator. She uses it to make sourdough scones, bread and muffins for the crew every Sunday night.