The Man Will Come Around Again and Again

Sep 15, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Last year country music legend Johnny Cash told Rolling Stone magazine, “I’d die if I retired. … Like a shark, got to keep moving.” Last week he did come to the end of the line, passing away from respiratory failure in Nashville at age 71, the result of diabetes. He never did retire. The star of “The Johnny Cash Show” on TV (1969-71)will release his latest album this month, and he was recently a nominee at the Video Music Awards, though he was unable to attend. On the day he died, MTV began running what it says was his last interview, a sitdown with Kurt Loder. But it doesn’t end there. Mr. Cash had recorded tracks for a follow-up to his album “American IV: The Man Comes Around.” And he can be heard in his final on-screen moments, as the narrator on William Friedkin’s “The Hunted,” starring Tommy Lee Jones. The film was in theaters this past March and just came out on DVD. Mr. Cash also contributed an original song, “The Man Comes Around,” to the soundtrack. It will reach pay-TV service Showtime in June 2004 and then the USA Network in 2005. The voice-over role is officially uncredited, but no one will ever forget that distinctive voice.