It Won’t Replace Car Chases

Oct 20, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Matty Simmons, who founded National Lampoon magazine 33 years ago and produced movies such as “Animal House” and “National Lampoon Vacation,” is overseeing a new comedy feature aimed at local TV news. “National Lampoon Newsreel” will be announced this week by former “Charlie Rose” and “Tom Snyder” producer Joe Honig, who is producing and distributing the daily 90-second feature. Modeled after old-time movie newsreels, each segment will have a booming voice-over and use video from the Associated Press to tell its story. One sample item on a promo reel says that Democratic presidential candidates dismayed by President Bush’s high approval ratings have decided to run as a group and, if elected, will serve as co-presidents. Each would get to walk to the helicopter once a day with a different dog in tow and when playing golf, each would play two holes. Actual production starts in early 2004, but if you can’t wait, on Dec. 2 NBC will air “National Lampoon Christmas Vacation 2,” centered around Randy Quaid’s character Cousin Eddie.