Keep Doing It Until You Get It Right

Oct 13, 2003  •  Post A Comment

When a show is pulled as quickly as “Keen Eddie” was pulled off Fox over the summer, it is usually a curse everyone involved wants to forget. However, in this case the team behind the show considers its work on the offbeat detective series a success, even if it never attracted a sizable audience. “The only difficulty was [that] we had some problems with the time slot and what was happening in the landscape of television,” said J.H. Wyman, the show’s creator and executive producer along with Warren Littlefield and Simon West. “These things all play very big factors in why the show ultimately did not succeed, but it didn’t have anything to do with the creative aspects.” So now the producers have reunited to sell the hour-long dramedy “Joe Green and Eugene” to ABC. The new series, an offbeat detective show set in L.A., stars none other than Eddie himself-Mark Valley. “We had a wonderful, wonderful experience working together,” Mr. Littlefield said. “Joel [Wyman] wanted to do a show that had some of the sensibilities which we got so much great feedback for, but without the accents. It just made sense to us to pull the people we had such a positive experience with back together to execute that.” As for ABC, execs there were always big fans of “Eddie.” “We think they are a special team, regardless of whether that show was a success,” said Thom Sherman, ABC’s senior VP of drama series. “They pitched us a really fun idea with a great central character. The relationship the central character has with his brother is something that is not on television and was really interesting to us. We think they can do something really great and we want to take a shot with them.” ABC has also been a fan of Mr. Valley since his recurring role on its critically acclaimed drama “Once & Again,” Mr. Sherman said. And there are more practical benefits to working with the same people again. “They’ve all come to understand my intricacies and my idiosyncracies,” Mr. Wyman said. “I’m much easier to work with now because they have the shorthand.