Quick Takes

Oct 20, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“Perhaps Mike Wallace for investigative reporting. [Edward R.] Murrow and [Walter] Cronkite created the roadmap for storytelling and anchoring. While [Tom] Brokaw, [Peter] Jennings, [Dan] Rather, et al., are doing excellent work, they are simply following the path laid out by Murrow and Cronkite.”
Peter Roghaar, news director, WPTV (NBC), West Palm Beach, Fla.
“It is impossible to know, when we as a culture have not broadened the base of who we consider `authoritative’ and `trustworthy.’ Decades after Murrow and Cronkite, white males are generally the standard by which we measure such characteristics.”
Dana King, co-anchor, KPIX-TV (CBS), San Francisco