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Oct 27, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Notes from the gathering at New York’s Tao in honor of “Law & Order: SVU” having reached the 100th-episode milestone:
When the crowd wasn’t talking about the centennial episode, which is scheduled to air Nov. 18 and marks the first time “SVU” veteran Mariska Hargitay and her guest-starring father, Mickey, have acted together, it was chattering about the Monday night low-show of Fox’s much awaited and much hyped “The Next Joe Millionaire” and “Skin.”
The Insider, who can smell schadenfreude a continent away, didn’t pick up one whiff of amusement at Fox’s misery, since there’s more than enough misery and mystery to go around in a season that is not opening according to many folks’ expectations.
The crowd included, of course, the fun usual suspects from “Law & Order”-a franchise that has spawned its very own three-party circuit this year. And from the network (Prime-Time Entertainment Development President Kevin Reilly makes a significant contribution to the NBC sociability quotient). And from Universal (Universal Television Productions President David Kissinger gave thanks to “L&O” creator Dick Wolf and “the TV gods,” which confused The Insider, who thought the former was one of the latter).
Among the unexpected attendees: Mark Burnett, the “Survivor” mastermind who is deep in production of “The Apprentice,” the upcoming NBC reality show on which go-getters will compete to serve the titular role to mega-mogul Donald Trump. Mr. Burnett said he has found Mr. Trump to be “a mensch.” He also summed up his reasons for being at the “L&O” party as “Free food. Free drink.” He suggested that might be how the Trumps of the world become rich.
Sigh. Offer The Insider free food and free drink and she only gets fat.
A note to the Fox Broadcasting affiliates who are missing George Case, the Fox News executive who had been their news liaison until his unexpected (and still unexplained) departure in September: You aren’t losing a helpful pal, you’re gaining a possible consultant. Mr. Case is assembling a consulting organization that will deal with assorted broadcast media. For details (or just to say “Hi”): georgecase@yahoo.com.