It’s on the Bag

Nov 17, 2003  •  Post A Comment

In New York and Los Angeles, where entertainment awards shows are consumed like popcorn, cable network Trio is waging its biggest promotional campaign ever. To back its “Awards Show Mania” month in December, the Vivendi Universal-owned network is stamping its brand on popcorn bags in movie theaters in New York. In L.A., male models will be spray-painted gold to resemble the Oscars. They’ll hand out ads listing many of the awards shows that are televised each year. “We’re going to places that are obsessed with awards and celebrity to get them interested in Trio,” said Jason Klarman, head of marketing for Trio.
In addition to these nontraditional forms of promotion, Trio is buying billboards, transit signs and bus-side posters in both cities. Print ads will air locally and nationally. Plus, there will be cross-channel commercials on USA and Sci Fi Channel, which, like Trio, are part of Universal Television. Trio has also co-sponsored an award-show poll with TV Guide, which will publish the results in the Nov. 30 issue. Of course, someday Trio hopes its own shows will be in the magazine’s weekly listings.