Quick Takes

Nov 3, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“I would say that it is a most positive sign. I feel that the viewing audience’s apparent affinity toward diverse program offerings simply confirms that programmers are on the right track in addressing what were once underserved categories of interest.”
Bob Baskerville, senior VP/general manager, Do It Yourself Network
“If we agree that television, both on-screen and in the executive suites, should look more like America for the benefit of all Americans, then the focus for our industry should be on turning these attempts at diversity into standard operating procedure.”
Mark Walton, president/CEO, Onyx Media Group International
“The attempt to diversify programming is positive. … Not everyone is going to relate to `Friends.’ However, we do need to be careful. The programming should be produced from creative elements and sold to networks based on the quality and approach of the show, not to fill a quota.
Mandy Liles, research director, KENS-TV (CBS) and KBEJ-TV (UPN), San Antonio