‘Schmo’ Scores

Nov 3, 2003  •  Post A Comment

A record-setting 3.4 million viewers tuned in Oct. 28 at 9 p.m. to see the dramatic finale of Spike TV’s “The Joe Schmo Show,” where unsuspecting reality show contestant Matt Kennedy Gould finally learned that he was the subject of an elaborate prank.
An executive for Spike TV, however, said the numbers are “not presumptive” of a renewal.
“We would love to do it again, but we have to be real careful how we do it,” said Kevin Kay, executive VP of programming and production for Spike TV. “We don’t want to be `The Next Joe Millionaire,’ so we’re trying to figure out if [another season] can be -or should be-done.”
The audience more than doubled from the previous episode (which garnered 1.6 million) and represented an all-time high for an original Spike TV program.
Spike TV President Albie Hecht said, “This reality show has taken the genre to a whole new level, and it has proven that smart, funny and clever will draw the elusive male viewer.”
A spokesman for producer Stone Stanley Entertainment, which is still awaiting word on whether Spike TV will opt for a second season of “Schmo,” said, “Today we’re ecstatic about the ratings,” he said. “But tomorrow we will have to return to our sad existence working for the Man.”