How the Nets’ Big ‘Gets’ Stack Up

Dec 22, 2003  •  Post A Comment

The following is a list of viewership figures for some of the network newsmags’ biggest “gets” this season, according to Nielsen Media Research:
* Mike Wallace’s interview with Lawrence Taylor, airing some dirty linen from Mr. Taylor’s NFL days, on CBS’s “60 Minutes II,” Nov. 30 (19.14 million).
* Barbara Walters’ interview with Martha Stewart, about the domestic diva’s upcoming trial and financial tribulations, on ABC’s “20/20,” Nov. 7 (14 million viewers).
* Katie Couric’s hour with Elizabeth Smart’s family on NBC’s “Dateline,” Oct. 24, which did not run during the show’s regular time slot (12.25 million viewers).
* Diane Sawyer’s interview with pop star Britney Spears on ABC’s “PrimeTime,” Nov. 13 (11.4 million).
* Diane Sawyer’s hour-long interview with President Bush following the capture of Saddam Hussein, on ABC’s “PrimeTime” special not in its usual time slot, Dec.16 (slightly more than 11 million viewers, the most this year for an interview with the president).
* Katie Couric’s visit with Tom Cruise on NBC’s “Dateline,” Nov. 14, also not during the show’s regular time slot (9.3 million).