Andy Friendly

Jan 19, 2004  •  Post A Comment

President, Andy Friendly Productions, and senior consultant, Sucherman Consulting Group
“As an executive producer for King World in the ’80s and as president of programming/production from 1995-2001, I always got the feeling I was playing for the world champs-like pitching for the Yankees in the World Series. The King brothers always did it bigger and better than anyone else in syndication-from my first NATPE conference with them in the mid-’80s when `Oprah,’ `Wheel’ and `Jeopardy!’ were all brand-new and we were partying on a riverboat in New Orleans to taking over the Superdome in ’98 [with Elton John performing], when we blew peoples’ minds by launching `Hollywood Squares’ with Whoopi Goldberg as the center square. There was always a mission to do everything biggest and best that extended to programming and production, marketing, etc. Money was never an object- be it getting Whoopi or adding a very expensive investigative unit to `Inside Edition’ to differentiate ourselves from the other magazine shows. The brothers not only encouraged it, they demanded it. That’s how Roger and Michael expected us to play, and I will always appreciate them for giving me the opportunity and for pushing me [hard] to do and be my best. It was an honor working with them and all the professionals at King World.”