Can He Predict His Own Cancellation?

Jan 5, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Could John Edward’s syndicated series soon pass into the afterlife? That’s what station sources are saying about Universal’s third-year strip, “Crossing Over With John Edward.” While it has been a signature show for the Sci Fi Channel, predictions are the self-proclaimed psychic’s syndicated show could be in dire jeopardy. Season-to-date it has averaged 0.9, down 31 percent from last year. That is quite a change from its hot start, which sparked a number of copycats, including Tribune’s short-lived “Beyond With James Van Praagh,” that at least saw the light of day. Several others didn’t even make it out of the gate. The ghosts of series-to-be seem to have ended that psychic fad. “I foresee an end to psychics,” said one station manager. Universal spokespeople were unavailable for comment due to the holidays.