Greg Meidel

Jan 19, 2004  •  Post A Comment

President, programming, Paramount Domestic Television
“I’ve known Roger King my entire professional career. I met Roger and Michael in 1977 at the NATPE Convention in Miami. It was just shortly after I had started in the business. I was immediately taken with their energy. Since then we have been close friends and frequently fierce competitors.
“When I first met them they were literally doing business out of the trunk of their car. They’d go to the middle of the country-say, Tulsa, Okla.-and then one would drive east, the other west and they’d stop at every market along the way, their materials and a 3/4-inch cassette of their shows in the trunk.
I’d find out where Roger was traveling and try to beat him to the station and the deal. It was never easy. The thing about Roger is he won’t leave a station until he’s made the deal, and he probably knows more about the station’s numbers and needs than the people there.”