KIDS, GOD: a Winning Team In Weslaco

Jan 19, 2004  •  Post A Comment

If you want to know what kids have to say about God, tune in to the commercials on KRGV-TV in Weslaco, Texas.
The Mobile Video Tapes-owned ABC affiliate airs spots based on the book and syndicated column “Kids Talk About God,” in which children do just that. Since author Carey Kinsolving is from the designated market area, KRGV General Sales Manager John Kittleman thought the 30-second spots might go over well, and they have.
“We got three advertisers to sponsor it and local kids to answer these questions about God. Some are funny, some are profound and some are touching,” Mr. Kittleman said.
The annual sponsorship has a $3,000-per-month rate, split evenly among three nontraditional advertisers. One is a commercial carpet cleaning franchiser called Gum Busters; another is a hospital, Valley Baptist Health Systems.
Chick-Fil-A also signed on. The restaurant chain, which has Christian ties so strong its outlets are closed on Sundays, does not do much TV advertising, but found this opportunity appropriate.
KRGV produced about 10 pieces of creative. “Each opens up with a question, such as `Why did God create boys?’ and then goes to the children with their answers,” Mr. Kittleman said. Sponsor logos appear on the bottom of the screen as the children speak.
Biloxi, Miss., ABC affiliate WLOX-TV currently has a similar package on the street. “We think it is something we can sell,” said Linda Sherman, general sales manager of the Liberty Corp.-owned station. “But it will be totally client-based. We will not have a WLOX logo appear in the spot.”