A Sampling of Recent Sweeps Stunts on Local Stations

Feb 16, 2004  •  Post A Comment

* WPIX-TV, New York, scheduled a February report on honesty in which a reporter dropped money on sidewalks and then snooped on finders with a hidden camera.
* WCMH-TV, Columbus, Ohio, sent a reporter to file stories on neck surgery performed on one of the station’s anchors.
* WJW-TV, Cleveland, warned viewers to “Look out for new, violent and extreme porn” on the Internet.
* KMOV-TV, St. Louis, produced a series on nonsurgical face-lifts.
* WHDH-TV, Boston, ran a sweeps report on “Getting Better in Bed.”
* WJLA-TV, Washington, carried stories on “K Street Hookers.”
* WFTS-TV, Tampa, Fla., ran a live feature on how quickly thieves can strip a stolen car. (The crew later found a small bag of white powder in a vehicle and turned it over to police.)
* KSAT-TV, San Antonio, presented a Sunday evening report on “Sex and the Scripture.”
* WSMV-TV, Nashville, promoted “From the bathroom to a closet … life-saving tips for abducted children.”
* WCBS-TV, New York, aired its recurring series on unhealthy restaurants, “Eat at Your Own Risk.”