LeBlanc Likes a Twin Showcase

Feb 9, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Getting on the ballot may be the easy part for respected actor and three-time Daytime Emmy nominee Christian LeBlanc, who, as morally challenged attorney Michael Baldwin, always turns in a winning performance on “The Young and the Restless.” Choosing which scenes to submit to the judging panel to compete for the statue will be the hard part, given the story-packed year Mr. LeBlanc experienced in 2003.
For starters, he got to play, albeit briefly, a dual role when Michael debated his darker side over whether he should tell his fiancee he helped break up her previous marriage. “It’s every actor’s dream to play twins,” said Mr. LeBlanc. “It’s difficult but at the same time it’s also incredibly challenging. I thrive on that type of stuff.”
That was only the beginning. During the year, Michael also reconnected with his younger half-brother Kevin, a troubled young man who mirrors Michael’s darker days; became a confidant to town mogul Victor Newman; and embarked on a short-lived romance with Victor’s daughter Victoria, a savvy businesswoman who succumbed to Michael’s considerable charms. Regular scenes with co-star Michelle Stafford, who plays Michael’s partner-in-crime Phyllis Abbott, helped round out Mr. LeBlanc’s body of work. “It was an embarrassment of riches as far as great material goes,” he said.
Mr. LeBlanc said he intends to rely on his castmates’ objective eye when sifting through the pile of possibilities. “Fellow actors will prod you on to find the best submissions,” he said. “You’re looking for a clean show-nothing where you screw up on any level, and [one] that is technically perfect, too.” Some episodes are better in memory than in fact, he said. “You find shows in your head that you thought were just genius. Then you look at them and say to yourself, `What was I thinking?”’
As a personal choice, Mr. LeBlanc said he avoids what he calls the “I lost my baby” type scenes (which is a good thing, since Michael, as far as we know, is childless). “If I can do something small and subtle and be simple and show it all in that moment, that’s what I’m drawn to,” he said.
Nominated or not, Mr. LeBlanc said he looks forward to going to New York for the awards broadcast and seeing old friends from his first soap, “As the World Turns.” “If I do ever get up to that podium, the one thing I want to do is thank people, which of course you can do at any time,” he said. “I try to do it every day, but you want to shout it from the rooftops. To say on national television that this person is great and that these people have helped me … is a gift.”
As for Michael’s decision whether or not to confess to Christine, he opted to do the right thing-which ultimately cost him the girl. “Michael played the good guy and everything blew up in his face as a result. Which [from an acting perspective] was great,” Mr. LeBlanc said.