Plimpton is gone; Dayna TV lives

Feb 23, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Dayna Devon spent a decade in TV news before joining “Extra” in 1999; she is now anchor. She looks like a movie star but never wanted to act. That hasn’t stopped her from doing more than half a dozen acting gigs in the past month on “Jag,” “The Young and The Restless,” “Las Vegas” and “Half & Half” and as one of Barker’s Beauties on “The Price Is Right.” She is making the acting rounds to raise about $10,000 for The Fulfillment Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides support to disadvantaged youth. On an upcoming episode of NBC’s “Scrubs,” Ms. Devon’s job is to tell Dr. Reid to attend to a stabbing victim. On the first take, she walked up to Zach Braff and delivered her line. The problem is Dr. Reid is played by Sarah Chalke. Ms. Chalke motioned Ms. Devon over and asked, `Big fan of the show, Dana?” Ms. Devon recalled. That cracked up the crew. After that, Ms. Chalke would “mess” with her, Ms. Devon said: “You know that little tape they use to measure the distance from the actor to the camera? She goes over and grabs that and starts measuring me. Then she acts like she’s craft [food] services, bringing me things like I’m a real diva. So I look to our camera crew like I’m this demanding, you know, bitch. It was so funny, it brought tears.” Ms. Devon’s antics will air on “Extra” in a DaynaTV segment Tuesday, the same day she can be seen playing a nurse in a cameo on “It’s All Relative.” “I have my own theme music,” enthused Ms. Devon. “What more could a girl ask?”