Success Story: Hallmark Promo Sells Out in Iowa

Feb 9, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Mike Woody, the local sales manager for OnMedia in Des Moines, Iowa, tripled the rate on a Hallmark Channel ad sales package and sold out in less than a week.
“In hindsight, maybe we underpriced it,” Mr. Woody said of the “Great Stories Sweepstakes” that ran last year. A 2004 promotion is in the works, but rates will not rise above last year’s, he said.
“Great Stories Sweepstakes” is a year-round promotion that allows affiliates to sign up one or more local advertisers as the local on-air sponsor of a monthly Hallmark Channel original film. Affiliates can sell it to clients at any time, for however long they want. OnMedia signed three advertisers for annuals and is looking to do the same for 2004.
“The advertisers feel very comfortable with the channel. They like that Hallmark good-feel quality to the network,” Mr. Woody said. “And in the scheme of things, it is a fairly affordable network, even at three times the rate.”
The promotion included a customizable online banner, a Web page template, a customizable ad slick and point-of-sale displays that announce the sweepstakes. The sponsors also received two spots during each movie airing.
Local takers included a high-end furniture store for a double package, a heating and air conditioning dealer and a credit counseling service.
Sweepstakes winners received a five-pack DVD library of Hallmark original films that are not sold in retail outlets and gift certificates from the local sponsors.