Who Is Going to Stick It to Whom?

Feb 9, 2004  •  Post A Comment

America Online is one of the Super Bowl halftime sponsors seeking a rebate. The Time Warner division planned to repurpose the show on its Web site and sell a DVD version, but now those plans have been scrapped. However, before CBS writes a check, it might want to point out that it wasn’t a total loss. That little yellow animated stick figure that ran across the screen just before the halftime show, which was part of a product placement deal touting AOL’s TopSpeed Internet Service, turns out to have been quite memorable. According to the media measurement company Intermedia Advertising Group, the AOL symbol registered the third-highest recall among all product placements on the Super Bowl. And two other AOL product placements made the top five as well. It makes Blink blush, but we do want to point out that as far as we can tell the little yellow AOL guy is not wearing any clothes.