Copping a plea

Mar 1, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Michael Copps, one of two Democrats very much in the minority on the Federal Communications Commission, is clearly frustrated by the way the GOP majority steamrolls through key issues such as media consolidation, so he has taken his act on the road to raise public support. He spoke at an American Film Market seminar last week, calling on the audience to help send a message back to Washington-as some 2.3 million people did during the fight over TV station ownership, only to be ignored. “If this grass-roots movement keeps up,” he said, “we might make some progress in 2004.” He promised to personally take the messages to the FCC that the people in independent media are concerned and to convey “the sense of urgency that these people have.” He called on more high-profile people to get involved: “More visible people need to speak out. If stars spoke out at the hearings, then the media would cover them more and get the word out.” Then he asked, “How few people are we going to let have content control?” He said that as he travels around, “Now all I hear is, `Why more consolidation? Why more consolidation?”’