NBC, Affiliates to Discuss NASCAR Ad Time

Mar 15, 2004  •  Post A Comment

When NBC executives meet with the network’s affiliates advisory board April 14 in New York, there will be talk of how to guarantee that affiliates won’t lose commercial time in NASCAR races, which happened Feb. 15 during the popular Daytona 500. NBC’s practice has been to schedule network commercial inventory, but because the network cannot pull out of, but must wait out, local breaks to cover crashes and other sudden, dramatic developments, the network has waited for yellow caution flags before it slipped in local commercial breaks. On Feb. 15 there were no yellow flags during about half of the race, so some of the affiliates’ commercial inventory did not get in until after the race, when the audience was smaller. The network helped make good the situation by giving affiliates two extra prime-time spots on March 12, one in “Dateline NBC” and one in “Crossing Jordan.” The network also has indicated it will work in local breaks early in races to guard against a repeat of the Daytona 500 situation.