Stern Spurns Bush, But Is Kerry in His Corner?

Mar 22, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Infinity Broadcasting’s Howard Stern has been blaming the Bush administration on-air for a crackdown on indecent broadcasting, but it’s far from clear that a presidential win by Democrat John Kerry this fall would make a significant difference. Sen. Kerry was out on the campaign trail when the bipartisan Senate Commerce Committee voted 23-0 in Washington earlier this month to approve legislation clearing the way for $1 million fines for off-color broadcasts. But the Massachusetts Democrat voted by proxy in favor of the initiative. He also voted for an amendment, which failed the committee by one vote, that would have for the first time extended the federal government’s broadcast indecency regulations to satellite TV and cable. However, Sen. Kerry clearly also has his own more liberal agenda. For instance, he also voted by proxy with a committee majority to approve a measure that would delay the Federal Communications Commission’s media ownership deregulation for a year while the General Accounting Office studies whether there’s a link between media industry consolidation and off-color programming.