The Number One ‘Get’

Mar 8, 2004  •  Post A Comment

President Bush remains the top “get” in the world of political news. In our poll, he topped the following categories: Most Likely to Make News, Hardest to Get and Highest-Maintenance. He was so dominant, TVWeek decided to give him his own category. He is “first and foremost” on the list of guests who are sure to generate headlines the day after an appearance, which is the first yardstick by which the newsmaker shows measure themselves. With President Bush, said one source, “You can’t miss.” He is the hardest to book from an increasingly tight-lipped administration (“This White House has locked down information tighter than any White House in recent memory. You have to go through the White House press office to get any member of the administration on television, even people way down in the bureaucracy of an independent agency.”) Multiply that by the many security issues that accompany him and he automatically becomes high-maintenance.