Two for the Price of One

Mar 29, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Best known for his work in feature films such as “Ghost” and “The Last Samurai,” Tony Goldwyn gives TV viewers a double dose of his talents this month. April 1 he guest stars on CBS’s “Without a Trace,” playing twins who may be involved in the disappearance of the girlfriend of one of the twins. And he steps behind the camera April 11 to direct the season finale of Showtime’s “The L Word.”
Mr. Goldwyn has directed films, including the indie cult hit “A Walk on the Moon,” but he hadn’t done television work since the beginning of his career. He said he has embraced television directing because unlike a movie, which may take years to make, a TV drama episode takes only three to four weeks, and the time crunch actually helps a director think more creatively. Running short on time while directing “The L Word,” Mr. Goldwyn said he shot an entire love scene with a shark tank in the background because he wanted to focus on the actresses’ performance and not worry about switching shots. “It was like found gold,” he said. “You’re watching this, going, it’s so cool, but it was purely because we didn’t have time to do something more complicated.” “Without a Trace” producers have asked him to direct an episode next season. As for playing twins, the question is did the producers pay him twice for the dual role? “Funny, everyone asks me that,” he said. “No, they didn’t.” n