`2′ Be a Wannabe

Apr 5, 2004  •  Post A Comment

With casting under way nationwide for “The Apprentice 2,” Virginia real estate entrepreneur Frank Borges LLosa has come up with a plan to, hopefully, set himself apart from the masses. Mr. LLosa recently launched the Web site ApprenticeWannabes.com as a means of promoting himself and the other “Apprentice 2” hopefuls currently on the site by allowing Internet users to vote for the wannabe they think is best suited for the show. “It’s not a matter of just getting in front of the casting director,” Mr. LLosa said. “It’s a matter of getting in front and impressing.” “I’ve been on the site, personally,” admitted “Apprentice 2” casting producer Rob LaPlante. “I have a lot of people that work on my staff and a lot of people watch the tapes and they bring tapes to me, and it’s certainly an advantage that the head of the casting department actually looked at the site and considered the candidates on it. But I want to make it very clear that it’s not going to get you on the show. It’s just going to maybe get you a look.” “I think that Web sites like these and all of the unusual ways that people are trying to get our attention, and my attention, really, as the casting producer of the show, it’s astounding,” Mr. LaPlante said. “I mean people are just about doing anything to set themselves apart from the applicant pool.”