20 Years of Lifetime

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Prime-Time Dramas andComedies
Strong Medicine
Date: July 2000-current
Stars: Patricia Richardson, Rosa Blasi, Philip Casanoff
ExPs: Whoopi Goldberg, Tammy Ader, Robert Lieberman
Logline: Intense, gritty drama about free health clinic in South Philadelphia
The Division
Date: January 2002-current
Stars: Bonnie Bedelia, Nancy McKeon, Lela Rochon
ExPs: Steven Weinstock, Deborah Joy LeVine
Logline: Drama about five women police officers in San Francisco
Wild Card
Date: August 2003-current
Stars: Joely Fisher, Rae Dawn Chong
ExP: Lynne Latham, Bernie Lechowick
Logline: Former Las Vegas blackjack dealer investigates insurance fraud cases
Date: August 2003-current
Stars: Gloria Reuben, Caterina Scorsone (Vivica A. Fox replaces Gloria Reuben in season two)
ExPs: Bill Laurin, Glen Davis, Debra Martin Chase
Logline: FBI agent and psychic locate missing people
For the People
Date: April 2002-February 2003
Stars: Debbi Morgan, Lea Thompson
ExPs: Ian Sander, Kim Moses, Sheldon Pinchuk
Logline: Two women work in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office
Any Day Now
Date: August 1998-March 2002
Stars: Annie Potts, Lorraine Toussaint
ExPs: Nancy Miller, Gary Randall
Logline: Two friends, one white, one black, remain close from Civil Rights era to today
The Hidden Room
Date: July 1991-November 1993
Star: Mimi Kuzyk
ExP: Jeremy Lipp
Logline: Anthology about women in hardship, musing about might-have-beens or fighting for their lives
Date: September 1998March 1999
Stars: Ann Cusack, John Getz
ExP: Dan O’Shannon
Logline: Woman copes with midlife identity crisis and failing marriage
Oh Baby
Date: August 1998-2000
Star: Cynthia Stevenson
ExP: Susan Beavers
Logline: Comedy about woman raising a baby on her own
The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd
Date: May 1987-April 1991
Stars: Blair Brown, William Converse-Roberts
ExPs: Jay Tarses, Bernie Brillstein
Logline: 30-something woman’s complex choices regarding love, career and family
Head 2 Toe
Date: July 2003-current
Star: Tanika Ray
ExP: Cater Lee
Logline: Head-to-toe makeovers
What Should You Do?
Date: March 2003-current
Star: Candace DeLong
ExP: Monique Hart
Logline: Expert advice on how to survive crime and high-risk situations
Intimate Portrait
Date: November 1993-current
Stars: Various
ExPs: Lee Grant, Ken Ehrlich, Linda Ellman, Chris Meindl
Logline: Biographies of famous women
Women Docs
Date: August 2001-March 2002
Stars: Various female physicians
ExP: Glenda Hersh
Logline: Reality series following doctors on and off the job
Beyond Chance
Date: August 1999-March 2002
Star: Melissa Etheridge
ExP: Stephen Kroopnick
Logline: True stories told by people whose lives have been touched by destiny and fate
Denise Austin’s Daily Workout
Date: 2002-current
Star: Denise Austin
ExP: Catherine LePard
Logline: Daytime stretch and exercise regime
Lifetime’s Speaking of Women’s Health
Date: November 2001-current
Stars: Florence Henderson, Dr. Winnie King, Juju Chang
ExP: Linda Ellman
Logline: Talk magazine on women’s health issues
Lifetime Now
Date: October 2001-current
Star: Linda Dano
ExP: Linda Ellman
Logline: Magazine talk show