Success Story: Family Fun Days Catch On

Apr 26, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Sometimes a successful promotion is about creating fun for the whole family. And sometimes that may mean combining promotions from more than one cable network. That is what worked for Comcast Spotlight in Cherry Hill, N.J.
When Cherry Hill Volvo wanted a television campaign to draw consumers to its National Volvo Safety initiative, Comcast responded with Family Fun and Safety Day.
The cable company gave away Nickelodeon-branded T-shirts, lunch bags, magnets and pencils. It also tied in a Court TV Klaas Kids digital fingerprinting promotion.
“Digital fingerprinting is ideal because it offers added value as well as serves the public with a good cause,” said Marketing Supervisor Shelly Leaf, who arranged for Comcast to partner with local police and fire departments for the promotion. “In the cable industry on-site events are rare. Court TV’s digital fingerprinting gives us an on-site component. This is a big draw for advertisers because we are able to brand their business with the credibility of Klaas Kids and Court TV, enhancing the advertiser’s image in the community.”
Digital fingerprinting is an add-water-and-stir low-cost promotion for the affiliate for which it makes back 10 times its costs by selling the promotion to an advertiser, said Tom Wolfe, VP of affiliate ad sales at Court TV.
Comcast Spotlight also did a Family Fun Day at Avalon Carpet Tile and Flooring for its Warrington, Pa., grand opening. Tommy, a Nickelodeon “Rugrats” character, made an appearance in Court TV’s digital fingerprinting area.
“The event was a great success, bringing in over 400 people in just three hours,” said Ms. Leaf, who suggests to other affiliates: “Combine other activities with the day. Give the event a theme and invite municipalities to support it. That’s been very successful for us.”