tag along with ted

Apr 12, 2004  •  Post A Comment

The Osbournes. Anna Nicole. Jessica and Nick. The burning question: Who is next for the reality treatment? Well, with the success of “The Apprentice,” here’s a suggestion: If The Donald is a hit, how about the most entertaining, outspoken, outrageous tycoon we know, Ted Turner? Shortly after his hugely entertaining extemporaneous speech to the Hollywood Radio & TV Society last week, Blink asked The Ted whether he would like to star in a reality show. “No, I don’t have the time,” he insisted. But Blink isn’t so sure. In his speech Mr. Turner made it very clear that he was forced out of show business and really misses it. So trust Blink. We think given the right project, Mr. Turner would work it into his schedule, right along with saving the planet. “The Captain Outrageous Show.” Come on, we’re talking 30 shares, don’t you think?