TRIBUTE: Bernie Mac

Apr 19, 2004  •  Post A Comment

The first time I was on Oprah’s show our meeting was polite and general. The second time on her show, we began to connect and evolve a mutual friendship chock full of respect. Third time, we got down with the get-down. Our friendship was full-fledged. Me and Oprah … Oprah and me. We go waaaaay back!
Seriously, though, I’ve come to admire her accomplishments, her worldwide care and sponsorship of people’s welfare. In embracing a nation with sheer, vulnerable emotion, she seems to express no fear of sharing her pain to save a soul. This fearless heart she has gives many courage to take a look at their own lives. The message tells someone they too can get back up. That’s the bravest thing any human being can do for another. Go ‘head, girl-you’ve got a worth people writing about. Love you to the highest power.