TRIBUTE: Celine Dion

Apr 19, 2004  •  Post A Comment

I had the pleasure and the privilege of meeting Oprah on various occasions, either as a guest on her show or on a more personal basis by singing at her recent 50th birthday bash. What strikes me is how wonderfully simple and easy-to-reach she is as a person. She has a fabulous talent for listening. Her guests, her audience, the public that writes to her, her friends-we all benefit from that.
By listening to people, she can understand better. She becomes a captor of their hopes, fears and dreams. And by translating them to images and writings, she becomes a channel in which many of those dreams come true. People relate to and identify with her. She is a role model to many women.
The Indians have a lucky charm called a dream catcher. This concept describes Oprah perfectly. No doubt, she is America’s dream catcher.