TRIBUTE: Dr. Phil McGraw

Apr 19, 2004  •  Post A Comment

I’d been doing litigation consulting for years and I was called on to help Oprah get ready for trial. She had dealt with the topic of mad cow disease on her show and was being sued by some Texas cattlemen, who in my opinion were trying to assassinate her character.
You learn a lot about people when you’re in a foxhole with them, and what I saw in Oprah was her courage under fire, her commitment to the truth and doing right, even if spinning things a little bit might be more expedient. Oprah is all about the truth.
I have a lot of emotions about her, and gratitude is certainly foremost among them. It was her vision about me and what I could do that put me in the direction I’ve taken with my life. But as grateful as I am for that, I’m even more grateful for her observations and lessons. She’s just a great resource, a great mentor, and I’m lucky to say, a very good and dear friend.