TRIBUTE: Phil Donahue

Apr 19, 2004  •  Post A Comment

People used to think no one would want to watch a bunch of talking heads in the daytime. I mean, talk shows, by their nature, are not very visually exciting. It took us a long time to re-orient the thinking of the decision-makers on that. Oprah was able to do in one year what took us 10-to get her program on the air from coast to coast in every major market.
I always looked at her with admiration for her achievements in every way. A little envy maybe, too, but I have a heart full of respect for Oprah. It’s not possible to overstate that. This woman has used her power to very good effect. She’s done just wonderful, wonderful work, calling attention to some very important issues. That’s why she’s earned not only all her success but the admiration of her viewers and those who know her.