TRIBUTE: Reuben Cannon

Apr 19, 2004  •  Post A Comment

I first met Oprah on a cold Sunday afternoon in Chicago in 1985. Quincy Jones suggested that I interview Oprah for a role in “The Color Purple.” He felt she had the perfect look for the character of Sofia. When Oprah arrived she seemed surprised but pleased to learn that Reuben Cannon the casting director was black. During that meeting we began a conversation and friendship based on mutual respect and common beliefs that has endured all these years.
It’s ironic that Oprah’s greatest career success has come from her talk show; I believe Oprah’s greatest talent is not how well she speaks but how well she listens. Her ears are in her heart-this is Oprah’s communication center. That’s why we love her-not that she talks to us, but that she listens and hears us.
Oprah’s spiritual beliefs give her the confidence to step out on faith and declare her destiny. Oprah may not know what tomorrow holds, but she knows who holds tomorrow. I love her for who she is, a praying child of God who knows her purpose. A precious sister-friend who uses her time, talent and resources to bring greater light to the world. To Oprah: Keep shining, my sister, please keep shining. … The world needs your light!