Va Va Voom!

Apr 26, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Voom, the new DBS service featuring loads of high-definition channels, which is operated by the Dolan family of Cablevision fame, likes to impress securities analysts. The Dolans’ way of doing so can be unique, however. Recently, Voom’s Bill Casamo, executive VP for marketing and sales at Rainbow DBS, was demonstrating Voom’s lineup at an analyst event at the SkyForum. According to one attendee, “He had one of those 70-inch plasma display units showcasing the offerings of Voom. He goes over to the monitor, flips on the Playboy Channel. And right in front of the entire gathering, there is a 7-foot blow job.” Mr. Casamo, realizing what he had just done, quickly hit the remote, but not before SkyForum attendees got an X-rated eyeful.