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Life is never boring for Frank Radice, senior VP at The NBC Agency, and his wife Vida. Most recent case in point: What was meant to be an idyllic stay in their nice Nice pied-a-leisure turned into a medical drama starring Sam, the couple’s beloved 3-year-old tuxedo-marked cat, who decided to step off the Radices’ fifth-floor balcony shortly after the trio arrived, breaking his rear left leg. The couple rushed Sam to an English-speaking vet, who affectionately dubbed Sam “the flying cat.”

Yes, Sam survived. Indeed, after a nerve-wracking few days, “It’s as if nothing happened,” said Mr. Radice. Except for a permanent limp that reminds Mr. Radice of “Gunsmoke’s” Deputy Chester Goode.

Sam’s next adventure will be less stressful. He will jump in and out of some paintings in a pop-up book being authored by Mr. Radice and illustrated by 3-D artist Charles Fazzino. It’s scheduled to be published by Random House next year. It will be followed by another book in which Sam hops into postcards from around the world. And at least one book for every life Sam has left to live?


Cathie Levine, the “ABC World News Tonight” publicist who has been the go-to person for information about ABC News convention-coverage plans, was in place in Boston July 25, the eve of the Democrats’ gathering, even though she was very pregnant. Then her water broke. The baby, the first for Ms. Levine and her husband, political consultant Josh Isay, was not due for another month. After some expert medical advice, the couple drove back to New York so Ms. Levine could be with her chosen doctor and hospital. On July 26 Benjamin Abraham entered the world weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces. Late last week, all were reported to be fine.


The Insider is always so disappointed when juicy rumors prove not to be true-or at least not so juicy after all. And so it was with rumors that an executive dining room was being built on the sixth floor of the CNN headquarters in Atlanta. One theory for the presumably plush space: headquarters envy. There is, after all, that grand edifice now housing Time Warner muck-a-mucks on Columbus Circle in New York, where everything is, as they say in Georgia, deeeee-luxe. As it turns out, the sixth floor in Atlanta is being redone. And it does not include an executive dining room. Just a break room very much like those on other floors at CNN. There are coffee and snack machines and a sink but no cooking facilities, a mole tells The Insider.

Oh, and anyone can reserve the new break room. The Insider feels like her souffle has fallen. Again.