Bernadine Han

Aug 1, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Age: 37

Current assignment: News director, NY1 News (promoted in September 2003)

Background: Ms. Han joined NY1 News in 1992 as a writer and was promoted to producer after only one month. She worked her way up to senior producer in 1995, then became assistant news director in 1997 before becoming news director. She attended Barnard College at Columbia University.

In her own words: “One of the things that young journalists forget is that for people who want to be on camera you can strip everything else away, but you have to be a good writer [on] all types of stories, from the lighter, featury story all the way to the very serious trials and government policy stories. … I encourage people who are still in college to do as many internships at TV stations as they can. … Even if they are getting coffee, they are learning the language of TV news-what’s a package, what’s a VoSAT, what’s a doughnut, what’s a remote. … I encourage college students to major in something other than journalism. When you graduate you need to know how the political system works, know how the financial world works, look at Dow Jones and be able to figure those out. Major in history, art history, something else.”