Exec Shuffle in Action at CNBC

Aug 15, 2004  •  Post A Comment

CNBC Senior VP of Prime-Time Programming Bob Meyers has laid the foundations for an entertainment-style development team.

Mr. Meyers has designated Doug Warshaw, who was the executive in charge of “McEnroe,” and Susan Krakower, a syndication and network news veteran who has been working on “The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch,” as VPs of prime time. Both executives began working with CNBC in the past year.

Woody Fraser is now the executive in charge of “McEnroe.” Mr. Fraser’s long TV resume includes having found success as creator and founding executive producer of “The Mike Douglas Show” and as the founding executive producer of “Good Morning America” as well as the creator of such ABC signature hits as “Home” and “That’s Incredible.” He helped produce the Aug. 8 episode of “Topic A,” when former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean filled in for vacationing host Tina Brown.

The changes, which were in the works for several months, were locked into place less than two weeks ago and are expected to be announced soon.

Mr. Meyers said the new strategy of making CNBC prime time a “destination” for an expanded viewer pool instead of merely an extension of business-day content required that he restructure his executive team.

“It really is unlike what we had a need for previously,” he said. “It almost is more important than an individual show, in a sense. The organization is going to be there and is going to be producing and developing and organizing and managing all of the prime-time programming we have.”

Asked whether Mr. Fraser’s assignment to “McEnroe” is an interim one or long-term, Mr. Meyers said he likes to think that everybody and every show is long-term at CNBC.

Cheryl Gould, the former NBC News executive who was in charge of programming CNBC’s prime time until CNBC took on that responsibility, continues as VP of news for CNBC, focusing on “Capital Report,” election coverage and general news.

Mr. Warshaw, an Emmy-winning writer, producer and director, has a network news and sports background, was a founding member of the Classic Sports Network that would be purchased by ESPN, and was in charge of content at SoftCom. He and Mr. Meyers have known each other for some 20 years.

Ms. Krakower’s responsibilities will include programming the 8-9 p.m. checkerboard hour on weeknights, where Mr. Deutsch’s Sunday night show repeats on Wednesday nights. She was East Coast senior VP of programming and development at Studios USA, where she oversaw such shows as the talkers hosted by Maury Povich, Sally Jessy Raphael and Jerry Springer.