Aug 2, 2004  •  Post A Comment

TelevisionWeek has relaunched its Web site, TVWeek.com, with a new design, expanded content, streaming video capability and other new features.

“In updating TVWeek.com, it’s become an even better tool, in tandem with the print edition, to provide all the news and resources television professionals need to stay ahead of the curve,” said Chuck Ross, VP, publisher and editorial director of TelevisionWeek.

The new site is “much easier to navigate and is more visually striking,” said site co-project manager Kurt Gardner, who is also TVWeek’s marketing manager. “We worked hard to find an attractive look that is distinctive.”

For the first time, the entire contents of the print edition of TelevisionWeek will be available online, as will expanded versions of features such as Newsmakers, Datebook and Previews. “Print is limited and the electronic environment allows us to better serve our readers,” said Alex Ben Block, editor of TelevisionWeek. “Our goal is to be of service to the industry. When there’s news in television, we want to be the place where people turn.”

TVWeek Web Editor Naomie Worrell said she knows how important it is for users to be able to access the current news and the TVWeek archives. “The new search function is one of the most important parts of the new site,” she said. “Our archives are finally easily accessible.”

Ms. Worrell, who is co-project manager with Mr. Gardner, said she is excited about TVWeek.com’s increased capability for interaction with readers and other Web site visitors. She said improved message boards and accessible contact links “make it more interactive so the user can have a voice.”

The new Web site is available to anyone who registers. For a limited time registration is free. Once registered, visitors have access to everything from daily breaking news to event calendars. The new site also offers easier access to TVWeek’s archives.