Olivia Fierro

Aug 2, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Age: 30

Current assignment: Morning show reporter for Belo-owned independent station KTVK-TV in Phoenix

Background: Ms. Fierro was hired to report for and occasionally anchor the four-hour “Good Morning Arizona,” the market’s dominant morning show, in January. She started her career with a three-year stint as an intern at Fox-owned KTTV in her hometown of Los Angeles. She moved to the New Vision Group-owned ABC affiliate KVII-TV in Amarillo, Texas, where she spent a year as a reporter before being named early morning and noon anchor and then was hired in January 2003 as northern Arizona bureau reporter for KTVK, which brought her to the main newsroom in Phoenix some 10 months later. She had a non-speaking part in an episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” and in 2000 played a reporter in an episode of “Resurrection Blvd.,” a series on which her brother, Adam Fierro, was a writer and a co-producer.

In her own words: “I was very na%EF;ve in the beginning as to the underrepresentation of minorities in the newsroom, because the faces on L.A. television are very diverse. So I think I had that perception that … there’s plenty of opportunity out there and that oftentimes the composition of the newsroom really does reflect the audience. … Phoenix television differs greatly from Los Angeles television because it doesn’t reflect the diversity of the population as well. … I got placed in my job by Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program. … They’ll place you in your first on-air or pre-management position. I think it created a slightly strained dynamic for me. Going into a newsroom, being placed there as, `Here is your minority for this year,’ is an unusual dynamic. There’s certainly some skepticism and a greater challenge to try to prove yourself more quickly, because you’re looked at with a wary eye. You can’t argue with it. You just have to catch up and do your best, but when you’re brand-new in the business, your best isn’t that great anyway. But it quickly turned out to be a great experience. I proved myself.”