Poll Shows Audience Interest in ‘CSI: NY,’ ‘Joey’

Sep 1, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Poll Shows Audience Interest in ‘CSI: New York,’ ‘Joey’: A poll done by Harris Interactive for Philips Electronics found that TV watchers chose CBS’s “CSI: New York” and NBC’s “Joey” as the TV shows most likely to be watched this fall. The poll, which was conducted via the Internet in the spring of 2004, asked men and women ages 20 to 55 who own a television what they planned to watch in the fall.

Of those surveyed, 47 percent named the newest “CSI” show, while 31 percent chose the “Friends” spinoff. Four of the top 13 shows selected come from NBC, while ABC, CBS and Fox each had three of their shows selected.

NBC’s “The Apprentice,” with 23 percent, was the third-highest-ranked show, followed by CBS’s “Survivor” (22 percent), NBC’s “Father of the Pride” (21 percent), CBS’s “dr. vegas” (19 percent), NBC’s “LAX” (17 percent), ABC’s “Lost” (13 percent), ABC’s “The Bachelorette” (10 percent), Fox’s “Great American Champ” (5 percent), ABC’s “Life as We Know It” (5 percent), Fox’s “Renovate My Family” (5 percent) and Fox’s “American Dad” (5 percent).