‘Last Comic Standing’ Gets Pulled

Oct 7, 2004  •  Post A Comment

It looks like the laughter is over for NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”

NBC will announce Thursday that the reality series in which comedians compete will be pre-empted next Tuesday and replaced by three episodes of “Father of the Pride.”

The show is being canceled, according to Jay Mohr, producer and host of “Last Comic Standing.” He wrote on his Web site that it was being pulled from the network’s schedule, with only one episode left to air. That episode, however, is the one where the winner of the competition was to be announced.

This week’s Tuesday episode of “Last Comic Standing” finished in fifth place among adults viewers 18 to 49 among the six broadcast networks. An NBC spokesperson said no final decision has been made about airing the final episode or if the show would come back for another cycle.

“Last Comic Standing 3”-which was labeled “Battle for the Best”-began airing earlier this fall with contestants from season one competing with contestants from season two, which aired this summer. Mr. Mohr wrote that NBC came to him as the second season was wrapping up and asked for another installment, since the network needed a “quick fix.”

“We argued that having a separate version of ‘Last Comic’ so soon after season two concluded would burn the audience out and damage the franchise,” Mr. Mohr wrote on his Web site.

“The biggest question I have is why would you wait until the final episode to pull the plug?” Mr. Mohr said on his Web site. “I feel terrible for the comics.”