Moore Seeks ‘9/11’ PPV Special

Oct 11, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Activist producer, director, writer and star Michael Moore is moving forward with plans to get a pay-per-view special of his film “Fahrenheit 9/11” on TV before the election, as previously reported (TelevisionWeek, Sept. 20). But he has yet to win approval from Columbia/TriStar, which holds the DVD rights and could block any airing.

A spokesman for the Fellowship Adventure Group, which was formed after Disney refused to distribute the movie, said it wants to do a three-hour program that would include the movie, additional interviews and other material. “The only thing I can add is that there are talks going on,” the spokesperson said.

Showtime Networks also has a pay TV window coming up next year, but a spokesperson said no date had been set yet for the airing of the film. Mr. Moore has stressed he wants the movie on TV in time to possibly influence the election, which promises to be close.

Sources said the PPV airing is likely to retail for $9.95 and probably would be a moneymaker for iN Demand, if it happens. It’s unknown what Columbia/TriStar might require before allowing the PPV event. Several sources said a PPV showing could eat into it’s the film’s DVD sales, which have been robust so far, especially if potential customers know they can get the film for less than the DVD cost by taping off their set.

-John Motavalli