Group to File Complaints Over ‘Private Ryan’ Broadcast

Nov 12, 2004  •  Post A Comment

A spokesman for the Rev. Don Wildmon’s American Family Association said Friday morning that the group’s members will file complaints with the Federal Communications Commission alleging that the ABC TV Network’s Thursday night broadcast of “Saving Private Ryan” ran afoul of FCC indecency prohibitions. “We expect thousands [of complaints],” said association spokesman Randy Sharp.

Hoping to avoid just such a confrontation, more than 60 ABC affiliates refused to carry the broadcast Thursday night. Critics of the FCC’s new anti-indecency prohibitions believe a battle over “Private Ryan” will force the FCC to revise its rules to make clear that the context of a program is crucial to an indecency finding.

“If there’s a showdown over indecency on ‘Private Ryan,’ I look forward to that battle,” said Jonathan Rintels, executive director of the Hollywood watchdog Center for Creative Voices in the Media.