The WB at 10: WB Memories: Bruce Rosenblum

Jan 17, 2005  •  Post A Comment

Given that only four broadcast networks had been started in history before ours, it would have been foolish to be overly confident that the launch of The WB would be successful. Over time, as Jamie Kellner and his team began to fine-tune the branding message for content suppliers, affiliates and viewers, the vision of what we were trying to do became clear and the opportunity for success became more obtainable.

The final indication for us that we were succeeding was the relatively early acceptance of The WB by Madison Avenue and the advertising community. The turning point was the upfront where ‘Dawson’s Creek’ was launched. The reaction to that pilot alongside the branding imagery that went with it signaled to all of us that the advertising community had bought into this network. You immediately got the sense that they embraced this venture, welcomed this targeted demo and were encouraging Jamie to move forward.

The enthusiasm in the hallways of The WB became infectious. Jamie had a tradition of celebrating every big successful moment with an all-hands-on-deck, impromptu meeting in the lobby. He’d bring out all the staff into the lobby around a big gong to mark their accomplishments. Everybody would just gather around the gong, and Jamie would give a brief speech that was always very motivating.

That year he had a lot of celebrating to do.

Mr. Rosenblum is executive VP of Warner Bros. Television Group.