The WB at 10: WB Memories: Treat Williams

Jan 17, 2005  •  Post A Comment

I had done a lot of telefilms, playing seemingly nice guys who turned out to be monsters, and I had two forays into series TV that were not altogether pleasant for a variety of different reasons. But I had no second thoughts about taking this job. As an actor, it’s the best gig of my life, the best material I’ve had. I don’t think I could have a feature film career that was so consistently about character and story. It’s like being in a Frank Capra film every eight days.

I think The WB has been very smart, because the network has created a niche for itself. They found an audience of young people that wasn’t being properly served, and they’ve really cornered it. It did make me feel like I was one of the patriarchal members of the network when I joined. But they’ve really worked hard to help us gain attention in a different way for our show than how they’re used to selling shows to a younger market. And I have noticed, as “Everwood” progresses through the first few seasons, that I’m seeing fewer and fewer ads for pimple creams and more and more for automobiles.

Mr. Williams stars on “Everwood.”