WB MEMORIES Susanne Daniels

Jan 16, 2005  •  Post A Comment

From a ratings standpoint, “7th Heaven” was our first big breakthrough show. But from a publicity standpoint, it was “Dawson’s Creek.” Newsweek did this hilarious article, where they took a scenario from “Dawson’s Creek,” then interviewed real teens, and printed the dialogue from both, side by side. It was a great article-what teenspeak really is and what it was on the show at the time.

What we did with “Dawson’s Creek” was give teens a really strong, articulate point of view. We made them far more articulate than they really were. But that’s what put the show on the map and got people to notice the network.

At the time, what Jamie Kellner and Garth Ancier gave me carte blanche to do was take chances. I don’t feel like the networks are taking as many chances today. I think even The WB should do more. But there’s a different feeling behind being an upstart network and being an established one. When you’re established, and you have to continue to meet or raise a bar that’s already high, you may be more conservative in your choices. Our bar was so low, we could go for it.

It was the time of my life-without a doubt the world’s greatest job. n

Ms. Daniels is president of 20th Century Fox-based First Move Television and former co-president, WB Entertainment.